Thursday, July 28, 2011


 These days I read a lot of news and many amusing things come in my mind. So I thought about it and started this blog post about some headlines around the world, finding some different meaning in them.

1. HEADLINE Lawyer: Strauss-Kahn maid's remarks misportrayed 

All you Cricket lovers there,.....No...there's no mistake there....This headline isn't talking about Andrew Strauss and Zaheer Khan making some remarks to each other!

2. HEADLINE Akram reveals Eric Clapton's desire to see Tendulkar hit 100 th century at Lord's

The century didn't happen at Lords but wouldn't it be nice if Eric can be there to 'Clap' on Sachin's 'Ton of Tons' in the second Test Match at Trent Bridge, Nottingham

....more will be added later

Monday, July 11, 2011

Peaceful Warrior

Peaceful warrior is a 2006 movie about a talented but troubled gymnast who meets a spiritual guide. I really enjoyed this movie, well at least those parts of the movie that show the meeting of the gymnast (Dan Millman, played by Scott Mechlowicz) and the spiritual guide ( Socrates, played by Nick Nolte).

Anyone who has been exposed to spirituality,  and enjoys reading, listening to it will definitely love it. It is quite close to that. Here I am going to write about the meetings and the dialogues between Dan and Socrates.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Which Cricketer are you?


Take this most comprehensive, detailed and the best quiz (which includes the profiles of 40 top cricketers!) to find out which cricketer you are most like.


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